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This website was conceived to provide cost-effective video products to Service Industry clientele. We realized that such businesses operate utilizing very strict budgets, but must still remain able to meet current website trends.

Building a video presentation from scratch can prove to be extremely expensive and far beyond the financial scope of many Service Businesses. We have put together various videos (that we call Templates), and they can be available to these businesses at very reasonable prices. Should you be able to find a Template Video in your Service category, you can save hundreds of dollars using one of our Templates.

We can only alter the videos presented on this website by including your Business Name, Website Address, Telephone Number, and Your Logo. The basic video, background, voice-over, and background music will remain as shown in any video presentation. We have arranged the Video Templates into niche categories which can be found using the “Menu” link above.

In the unlikely event, you are unable to find a Video Template that is right for you, you still have other choices. We can create a video just for you, but not at the prices you will find on our “Menu” pages. In such an event, please contact us for a no-obligation quote!

Here are 5 reasons videos perform much better than plain text advertising:

1. Increased Engagement: Video is more engaging than text, as it can capture the attention of viewers more quickly and effectively.

2. Increased Retention: Video is more effective at conveying information than text, and viewers are more likely to remember what they have seen in a video than what they have read in the text.

3. Increased Accessibility: Video is more accessible than text, as it can be consumed by people with different levels of literacy, and understood by people who speak different languages.

4. Increased Reach: Video can reach a wider audience than text, as it can be shared more easily and quickly on social media and other online platforms.

5. Increased Emotional Impact: Video can evoke emotions more effectively than text, as it can convey feelings and moods through visuals, music, and sound.

Here are some of the expenses involved in creating a video from scratch:
A. Creating A Script: Rates typically charged by screenwriters on Upwork are:

Beginner: $30 per hour.
Intermediate: $46 per hour.
Advanced: $95 per hour.

B. Creating A Storyboard: Rates typically charged by storyboard creators on Fiverr are:


C. Creating Voiceovers: Rates typically charged by Voiceover artists on Fiverr are:

D. Video Editing And Production: Rates typically charged on Fiverr are:

These are but a few of the costs involved in creating a video from scratch. As you will notice, electing a Video Template can save you hundreds of dollars. Again, should you not find a Template to meet your needs, contact us for a quotation!

Click on the “Templates” item above or click this link to find a Template in your niche!



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