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We are a digital video animation company dedicated towards helping you increase your customers and profits through powerful and affordable high quality animated and/or whiteboard commercials.

It’s Time To Stand Out From The Crowd

Our Story

Our Founder, Ron Terre, is the last remaining original member of a band known as “The Drifters”.

After spending years touring the world delighting family, friends and fans he took up a second career as a videographer, script writer and programmer, opening R.T.B. Enterprises, Inc. in 2001. Ron has worked on projects around the world helping large and medium businesses increase  their  financial bottom lines. He always desired to be able to give this same assistance to small business owners as well. However cost for services were always more than small business owners could comfortably afford. With the increase in the worldwide power of the Internet and broadband speeds, as well as more powerful computers, we saw a means of finally being able to produce videos and commercials at drastically reduced prices without sacrificing quality.

Thus came the birth of Discount Video Commercials in 2010. Clients no longer have to sacrifice quality or break the bank to get affordable video with animation or whiteboard features in order to get their messages out to the public. What use to cost $10,000 and up can now be created for a few hundred dollars. We have in stock a wide variety of both animated and whiteboard videos in just about any niche. We also have the programs and expertise to add intros and outros in house to personalize any stock video for your business.

Have a look in our store, make your selection, supply us with your details and a logo if you have one and we can have your video ready for employment within seven days of receiving your information. Everything is digitally made and delivered to the highest video standard.

Should you not have on staff an Internet Technician, we can handle deployment on your behalf for a small extra fee. Once delivered, you, the client owns the video and all rights to it. No licensing or monthly rental charges. No surprises! With video out performing print media by 90% you owe it to yourself and your business to allow us to help you earn more money and get more prospects to your business. It is reported 85% of persons viewing a video are more inclined to purchase after watching it.

Contact us today for more information or just go to our store on this website and place your order.

Contact Details:

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United States:  +1 347 841 6921
United Kingdom:  +44 7715 218359
Bulgaria:  +359  87 787 1492