Please select from the videos below. Video duration and prices are listed with a Buy Now button.

You will note, Ultra HD (4K) resolutions carry a surcharge.

You will need to furnish the following information:

A. Your Business Name
B. Your Website Address
C. Your Telephone Contact Number
D. Your Logo
E. Your Logo Purchase Receipt – if ordered
F. Notice To Remove The Lower Thirds and Create An Ending Splash Page
G. Your Ultra HD (4K) Receipt – if ordered

Should you wish not to have your logo included in the video, please make sure to tell us. In the event you do not have a logo and want one, visit our Logo Design Department using this link:  to acquire one.

You will note we have embedded a lower third in each video that will contain your information. Should you not want the lower third with your information throughout the video, please include this information in the email you send us. Instead of the lower third, we will create an Ending Splash screen with your information. The Ending Splash screen is at no additional charge!

After making your purchase, please send an email to:  “”  and include the information cited above.

Your purchase will contain:

1. Your Video at Standard 480p Resolution
2. Your Video at HD 720p Resolution
3. Your video at Full HD 1080p Resolution
4 Your video at Ultra HD (4K) Resolution – if ordered

Delivery will be made within 48 hours of our receiving your email, weekends and holidays excluded.

For any problems or clarifications, please contact us at:  “”

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